The 7 motions

Hej hej!

It has been rather quiet from my side these weeks, but the reason is more than good – very busy and exciting things to do.

Just today, I have returned from Norrköping (Sweden) where Klimatriksdag 2014 took place. A great example of citizenship and democracy, the climate parliament stretched over 3 days full of lectures, workshops, exhibitions and, surely, discussion on motions on climate policies that would be passed to the parliament parties.


As a helping hand to CEMUS, Permakultur i Sverige and REALS, I had a pleasure to deeply experience the event from different sides. The first day was full of inspirational talks, and even the clocks on Tyska Torget couldn’t resist and with excitement rang the Swedish Anthem accompanying the words of Johan Rockström. In the evening, the hall at Louis De Geer was full and with a big loud flashmob, the climate scream, the parliament started.

The next day was learning and work. The exhibition consisted of various organizations and project that keep environment and the society in mind. Second hand and fairtrade shops, ethical banking, renewable energy…lots lots of inspirational things! Our green corner gave a good vibe to the picture approaching lifestyles from different sides – education, communities, growing food. We even attracted some beetles from the outside 😉

(image credit: Emilia Rekestad)

The lectures on sustainable systems, economics, infrastructure development gave a good flow towards the discussion of motions. Out of hundreds of proposals, only 6-8 from each of the 7 categories got through to the next round, and then only 5 of each  made it to the final election that was held on Sunday at the astonishing Värmekyrkan. One of the final motions in the category ‘Consumption, food and lifestyle’ was the support for sustainable communities for transition and climate-resilience, prepared by Emilia Rekestad from Permakulture i Sverige.

(image credit: Emilia Rekestad)

And the winners were..(just wait a little while)

After the elections, we listened to special guests, Billy Larsson and Anders Wijkman, about global ethics as the way to solving the climate challenges and about the need for new economic system. Spiced with charming theatrical performance ‘Profeten’ by Najka, the day was heating up, and we were running back to the election site to hear the final results.

The 7 motions were announced and passed to the representatives of (not all, guess who didn’t come) parties that promised to consider them closely.

Energy New owner directives to Vattenfall, a state-owned energy company, to phase out fossil fuels and switch to renewables and high energy efficiency practices

Economy To change the regulations concerning the Swedish pension funds: to transit the investments from fossils fuels towards a sustainable climate-neutral society

Infrastructure  Make environmentally friendly transportation more attractive, including price-wise

Consumption, food and lifestyle Make all public consumption and purchasing environmentally and climate considerate

Influence Integrate sustainability education into schools and kindergartens through both theoretical and practical knowledge

Politics 1) To implement all the environmental goals that were set, but have never been put into practice (increase gasoline tax, increase capacity of railway transport and so on)

2)Decrease the climate impact two-fold over the next mandate period (from CO2 emission to extensive educational programs that will teach how people can reduce their individual impacts)

You can read on them in Swedish here. I can only add that it feels extremely rewarding to be a part of this.



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